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for wood and plastics

Leitz WhisperCut circular sawblade
High performance with a whisper

When cutting panels on table and format saws, as well as standing plate saws, the topic of noise reduction becomes increasingly important. Leitz has developed the WhisperCut circular saw blade: user-friendly and future-oriented sawing technology.

The unique grouping design of the saw blade teeth guarantees excellent cutting quality and virtually universal use for common wood-based panels and solid wood. The saw blade is quiet at idle and low noise in operation, significantly improving the workplace environment.

Thanks to the diamond tips and stable tooth geometry, this saw blade has an extremely long tool life. The ability to be sharpened twice noticeably reduces production costs. Cut for cut, the WhisperCut circular saw blade quietly delivers high performance.

Outstanding results and versatility by
  • perfect cutting quality in almost all wood-based panels, solid wood, plastic and non-ferrous profiles
  • excellent supporting body stability, even with mitre cuts

Significantly improved workplace ergonomics by
  • sawing in a whisper: extremely quiet at idle and low noise in use
  • reduction of cutting forces achieves almost kickback-free work

Cut for cut: lower production costs as a result of
  • diamond tips for extremely long tool life
  • resharpen twice reducing production costs
  • stable tooth geometry for a long service life

For the WhisperCut saw blade, there is no need for a new splitting wedge; use existing scoring saw blades.


WhisperCut sawblades