Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

TurboPlan PLUS
Machine tuning for planing units

Feed rates, limited by the tool, as well as long set-up times confront users in the planing industry repeatedly with challenges referring to productivity and efficiency.

The TurboPlan PLUS hydro planerhead from Leitz fully exploits the potential of high-performance machines. The higher number of teeth enables the maximum feed rate to be used with the best planing quality – and thus a significant increase in productivity. Knives with Marathon high-performance coating extend tool life many times over. Replacing the knives is also quick and safe: The simultaneous hydro knife clamping system saves valuable time during set-up.

  • Higher number of teeth for maximum feed speeds
  • Fast, safe and easy knife change
  • Knives with Marathon high-performance coating
  • Weight-optimized tool body
  • Hydraulic clamping system
  • 10 mm resharpening area
  • Applicable in soft- and hardwood
  • Particularly suitable for high-performance planing machines

Your benefits due to ...


High-performance cutting thanks to improved tool technology
  • Feed speed up to 300 m/min through higher number of teeth
  • Productivity increase by using the maximum feed rate
  • Higher life time through knives with Marathon high-performance coating


Shorter set-up times and maximum user-friendliness
  • Fast and easy knife change due to simultaneous hydro knife clamping


Protection of resources and machine
  • Multiple tool life through 10 mm resharpening area
  • Protection of the machine spindle as well as better handling through weight-optimized tool body
    TurboPlan PLUS:

Machine tuning for
your planing unit!


TurboPlan PLUS