Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Tool Kit Compact Laminates - complete - efficient - portable

Tool Kit Compact Laminates

The portable Leitz Complete Solution

ready for use on CNC-machines

  • Leitz ThermoGrip shrink-fit chucks guarantee maximum concentricity.
  • Optimum and tear free edges to visible quality with Diamaster PLUS diamond router.
  • Solid tungsten carbide drills for tear free holes on the top and bottom faces.
  • Kit includes Leitz processing recommendations with reference samples to ensure the best results from the first workpiece. 



Tool Kit Compact Laminates (ID 9105) consisting of

Description Dimension (mm) ID
Diamaster PLUS PCD router D14 x NL16 x GL70, Z2 091157
Spiral finishing router DHC D12 x NL26 x GL83, Z4 944006
Solid tungsten carbide drill D3 x NL16 x GL46, Z2 034415
Solid tungsten carbide drill D5 x NL26 x GL62, Z2 034425