Tools and tooling systems
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Tool Kit Acrylic Glass - complete- efficient - portable

Tool Kit Acrylic Glass

The portable Leitz Complete Solution

ready for use on CNC-machines

  • Leitz ThermoGrip shrink-fit chucks guarantee maximum concentricity.
  • Optimum and tear free edges to high gloss quality with Leitz GlossCut-Technology.
  • Drills with polished edges for tear free holes without melting the chips.
  • Kit includes Leitz processing recommendations with reference samples to ensure the best results from the first workpiece.



Tool Kit Acrylic Glass (ID 9104) consisting of

Description Dimension (mm) ID
Spiral roughing finishing router, Marathon D12 x NL25 x GL70, Z3 042280
GlossCut Spiral finishing router D6 x NL16 x GL50, Z1 744003
GlossCut Spiral finishing router D8 x NL20 x GL60, Z1 744004
GlossCut Spiral finishing router D10 x NL23 x GL60, Z1 744005
Drill for acrylic glass D5 x NL62 x GL92, Z2 781252
Drill for acrylic glass D8 x NL81 x GL114, Z2 781258
Drill for acrylic glass D10 x NL95 x GL130, Z2 781262
Polishing disc for drilling machine D100 x NL10 x S6 008364
Block of Polishing paste   008363