Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Leitz RazorCut Sawblade
Perfect and quiet - finish cut for the highest demands

Saving one process step when cutting single boards and stacks of boards can significantly increase the profitability. The combination of vibration damping laser ornaments and asymetrical tooth pitch with high quality ultra-fine-grain cutting material ensures that the Leitz RazorCut sawblade creates perfect cuts which do not require any further rework. A cut is sufficient to glue a melamine edge, for example.

Excellent cutting results in finish quality by:
  • Ultra-fine-grain cutting material for a perfect cutting edge
  • polymer-filled laser ornaments to reduce vibrations
  • asymetrical tooth pitch for better running behavior

Universal applicability and lower set-up and tool costs by:
  • best processing quality in various materials (Chipboard and fibre materials, MDF, multiplex plywood, rubber, compact laminate, decorative laminates, PE, PA, etc.)

Significantly improved workplace ergonomy by:
  • noise reduction up to 7 dB(A) due to vibration dampening and noise reducing design

Maximized productivity and reduced costs by:
  • 30 % longer life time
  • no rework required - finish quality