Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Marathon ProfilCut knives

ProfilCut Messer mit Marathonbeschichtung

The new benchmark in performance and cut quality

Advantages at a glance

  • Significant increase in performance times from the Marathon coating
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Protecting resources and saving costs

More Efficiency
ProfilCut knives Marathon MC and Marathon TDC for
  • higher productivity,
  • greater machine availability,
  • reduced errors at knife change.
More quality
Higher performance times from the Marathon coating for
  • greater constancy in finish quality,
  • reduced running costs,
  • reduced rework.
More efficient use of resources
A longer knife performance time means
  • reduced replacement knife purchases,
  • reduced use of tungsten carbide.

Growing demand worldwide for raw materials cause a steady upward spiral in costs for tools with tungsten carbide cutting edges. The solution is to optimise the raw material usage, reduce costs and increase the tools’ performance.

The new Marathon high-performance coated ProfilCut knife increases performance times significantly with a more consistent, excellent cut quality as well as protecting valuable resources.

The knives are available in two versions: Marathon MC (Multi Coating) for demanding profiling tasks in small and medium sized companies. Marathon TDC (Tungsten Diamond Coating) when machining hardwood, abrasive materials and for large batch production to optimise setup and down-times.

With the ProfilCut-knife Marathon MC, Leitz improves efficiency and sets new standards.


ProfilCut-Messer Marathon MC
ProfilCut knife Marathon MC
ProfilCut-Messer Marathon TDC
ProfilCut knife Marathon TDC