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Planer knives MC 33

Planer knives MC 33

New high performance coating
a new performance standard
a new planing quality

Benefits at a glance

Certified Service Quality
  • Up to 6 times longer performance time compared to uncoated planer knives HS
  • Up to 30 percent increase in performance compared to conventional coated planer knives MC
  • Leitz premium service guarantees weight balanced planer knives



Change up now to planer knives MC 33

Knife costs with the same performance
Planer knives MC33 Your cost advantages
  • Significant reduction of purchase and sharpening costs compared to uncoated planer knives
  • Further significant cost reduction compared to planer knives MC
  • Reduction of set-up time means less machine down time, longer performance time and increased machine utilisation
  • Reduction of administration costs

The edge that brings the money

When Leitz introduced extremely hard and wear resistant coatings to planer knives MC some years ago, Leitz achieved a significant increase in performance over uncoated planer knives.
Now, with further development in coatings, Leitz has achieved a new innovation leap: planer knives MC 33. These knives are 30 percent more effective than the Leitz planer knives MC and have up to 6 times the performance time of uncoated standard HS planer knives. The coating gives a longer lasting consistent edge planing quality between sharpens.

Real progress and efficient in several respects

  • Reduced tool wear
  • Longer performance time
  • Reduced sharpening cycles
  • Reduced machine set-ups increase the machine utilisation
  • Increased output
  • Significantly lower production costs
  • Universally suitable for softwoods, hardwoods, compound materials or materials similar to wood

Premium service

The premium service of Leitz is characterized by:

  • The performance of the coating is maintained after sharpening
  • Weight balanced planer knives guaranteed - by the Leitz quality seal
  • Higher balance quality ensures excellent planing quality and protects the machine spindle bearings

Weight balanced   Balance quality