Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Window tooling system MultiTool

Window tooling MultiTool

The flexible tooling system for manufacturing windows

Advantages at a glance

  • future-proof technology
  • maximum flexibility
  • efficient tooling solution
  • economic production

Leitz MultiTool Windowl  

Best opportunities! - One system, many options.

Wood is the oldest material known for the manufacturing windows. Its natural beauty, good heat insulation and easy machinability place it at the top. Plastic and aluminium today complete the range of materials with the increasing thermic requirements for windows. Leitz is meeting this development and supporting the window industry with its flexible tooling system for future proof wood and wood/aluminium window systems ClimaTrend-MultiTool.

Window designs are becoming thicker to meet the increasing environmental and energy efficiency demands. The standard IV68 wood window is being superseded with IV78 and IV90 designs as triple glazing becomes more common. Here the ClimaTrend MultiTool window offers an economical solution. The starting point is the 78 mm wood thickness for glazing units up to 40 mm. But the modular tool concept also allows production of conventional IV68 window as well as the modern IV90 window with glazing units up to 52 mm. This window system can be used on all conventional spindle moulders. Two wood/aluminium versions of the window and an arched window are possible with additional tools.

Flexible tools and the technical features to meet future demands for thermal engineering, noise protection and safety, make the ClimaTrend MultiTool windows from Leitz essential for window manufacturers who want to produce a first class window but with low investment costs.

Clever details and technical features guarantee your competitive advantages.

Leitz MultiTool Window

Leitz RipTec technology
Processing slot & tenon profile with Leitz cutting technology “RipTec”.

Leitz ProfilCut / Turnblade
The combination of ProfilCut and turnblade tooling systems give economical window production.

Window system ClimaTrend MultiTool

Thermal engineering and noise protection
Triple glazed heat and noise insulated units of up to 40 mm can be fitted as standard in the IV78. The best thermal transmittance value for a wood thickness of 90 mm is Uw 0,76 W/m2K.

Increasing the distance between the weathered area and the first seal improves protection against driving rain. Increased wood thickness plus the 13 mm hinge increase safety.

Same slot & tenon joints
Using the same slot and tenon joint in the frame and sash reduces the number of components, gives a slimmer look with fewer drainage holes; the modular construction reduce manufacturing costs.

Tool technology
The same clamping system for ProfilCut and standard turnblades from Leitz ensures easy and safe handling, the best surface quality and knife economy.

Ripple technology
RipTec is a Leitz innovation. Using RipTec cross grain reduces break out by optimising the chip that is easy on the material. Another significant benefit of ripple technology is the glue “seals” the end grain and strengthens the joint, so adding to the strength of the assembled wooden window. The run time of RipTec tools is between 20 to 30% above that of standard tools.

MultiTool as a modular system
Leitz MultiTool allows production of modern window technology with the minimum tooling. Production is from modular components and complete tool sets in single step operation. 

Leitz – your competent partner


Leitz offers partnership and market leading tooling knowledge and technology offering 3 elements for your success:

  • Innovative resource saving tooling systems plus higher quality for better production.
  • Tool Management bespoke, modular or comprehensive for greater efficiency.
  • Excellent reliable service, near to customers, all around the world.

Today a window as a construction element is not just about the specifications. The international standards a window has to meet are even more important. Such requirements are defined in EN 14351-1. In future, the CE sign will show a window complies with all the criteria for the intended use. The international standards control the standards for window construction. Leitz knows what is important and will advise and support you in selecting the best tooling solution.