Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

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Leitz Compact hogger DT Premium

Leitz Compact hogger DT Premium – More economic efficiency in the panel processing

Leitz ProfilCut Q PLUS

Leitz ProfilCut Q PLUS – The resharpenable constant tool system

Leitz ProfilCut Q Diamond

The new knife head change system ProfilCut Q Diamond sets pioneering new standards in machine processing.

WhisperCut sawblade - High performance with a whisper

When cutting panels on table and format saws, as well as standing plate saws, the topic of noise reduction becomes increasingly important.

ProfilCut Q - more productive, faster, more efficient

ProfilCut Q Premium - The new cutterhead system of Leitz is the ultimate solution for companies which want to make the most of their productions.

Leitz VariPlan Plus - Changing Knives

Alessandro Telesio and Andreas Kisselbach report from the Holz-Handwerk 2014 about the latest Leitz Highlights on woodworking tools.

Leitz PlugTec window corner joint

The window corner joint PlugTec from Leitz for increased stability connected with cost-effective production.

Leitz CNC Aluminum Machining

Leitz innovative technology showing high-speed machining of aluminum, with Diamond-tipped tools [without coolant].
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