Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Marathon high performance coating

Leitz Marathon high performance coating

Focused on efficient use of valuable resources

Advantages at a glance
  • 3 to 6 times the performance time of uncoated tools
  • Constant sharp cutting edge
  • High processing quality

Leitz Marathon high performance coating – Experience that pays

Marathon Planerknives Leitz R & D
An outstanding result: Marathon high performance coatings. Leitz as a technology leader in woodworking with the Leitz coatings TDC and MC is the guarantee for an efficient process.

In-house competence center
The Leitz knowledge in coatings is based on years of experience and the in-house coating center. A fascinating result: Leitz Marathon high performance coating providing the constant sharp cutting edge.

The staying performance of a marathon runner
Marathon high performance coating extends the high cut quality by 3 to 6 times that of uncoated edges.

Nature as our teacher
Leitz looked to nature when developing the Leitz Marathon high performance coatings. Similar in operation to a rodent’s teeth, the cutting knives are constantly sharp and ready for use, evident when comparing different tools after use.

The proof – as sharp as a rodent’s tooth
75% higher wear on uncoated edges.

Leitz Marathon HS knife
Marathon coated HS edge
Still a sharp cutting edge after 3.000 running metres and high processing quality.
Uncoated HS edge
Uncoated HS edge
High wear and rounding after 3.000 running metres. Additional costs from increased set-up time and rework.

Higher productivity from longer performance times


Marathon MC
Minifinger diagramThe high performance Marathon MC (Multi Coating) is resistant to wear and particularly powerful combined with HS cutting materials (high performance steel). Marathon MC coated knives have up to 6 times the performance time in solid wood, gluelam and plastics of uncoated knives.
Minifinger Marathon MC
Minifinger Marathon MC with 5 times the performance time of uncoated tools.


Marathon TDC
ProfilCut-knives HWMarathon high performance coating TDC (Tungsten Diamond Coating) is an innovative development of tungsten carbide. Marathon TDC coated tungsten increases performance times 3 times in solid wood, panel materials and plastics. Wear resistance and reduced abrasion protect resources and reduce costs.
ProfilCut-knife Marathon TDC
ProfilCut knife Marathon TDC with 3 times the performance time of uncoated tungsten carbide.


Leitz Marathon high performance coating – Useable in many different ways

  • Sawmill and moulding
  • Timber construction
  • Stair construction
  • Window production
  • Bead production
  • Parquet production
  • Furniture production
  • Plastic processing