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Automatically adjustable grooving cutter
Grooving in batch size 1 on Homag throughfeed machines

The just-in-time production of individual furniture parts on throughfeed machines places the highest demands on the flexibility of the machining processes. Changing the groove width, for example for different rear wall thicknesses, previously required two consecutive aggregates.

With the automatically adjustable grooving cutter, it will be possible in future to change the groove width on just one unit during operation. More flexibility and efficiency in series production is hardly conceivable.

  • Variable groove width in the workpiece gap
  • Reduction of the set-up times
  • Cost savings through less aggregates
  • Space-saving due to shorter machine length
  • Variable groove widths from 2.5 mm on
  • Reusable HSK tool holder
  • Can be resharpened several times
  • Diameter 140–250 mm
  • Compatible with Homag SF30 grooving units
  • Suitable for all conventional panel materials
  • Available at short notice
  • Diamond tipped

Your benefits due to …


Variable groove width and groove shape
  • Automatic groove width adjustment within the workpiece gap
  • Groove shape can also be varied during the machining process


Machine set-up or additional aggregates are not required
  • No machine stillstand for adjusting the groove width
  • Just one grooving unit required
  • Reduced tool costs through reusable HSK tool holder


Increased product versatility in the throughfeed production
  • Higher parts output even with batch size 1 through feed speed up to 40 m/min
  • Less tool change due to long lifetime
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Automatically adjustable grooving cutter