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flexTrim3 profile cutter
Super-fast profile change on Homag Edge banding machines

Users in furniture production today work with a mix of very different edge materials and thicknesses. With batch sizes becoming smaller and smaller, this material mix can only be mastered economically with super-fast profile changes in edge finishing.

The Leitz profile cutter flexTrim3 allows automatic change between three profiles within a few seconds without tool change. This means that different edge thicknesses can be handled extremely economically, even with small batch sizes.

  • Three profiles without tool change
  • Lengthwise profiling and corner copyshaping with one tool
  • Reduction of the set-up times
  • Reusable mechanical components
  • Customer-specific radii up to 3 mm possible
  • Bevels individually possible up to 45°
  • Compatible with Homag cutting unit FF32
  • For all softwood, hardwood, veneer and plastic edging
  • Available at short notice
  • Diamond cutting edges

Your benefits due to ...


Individual application of various radii, bevels or profiles
  • High flexibility through customerspecific radii up to 3 mm and bevels up to 45°
  • Possible combination of with feed and against feed tool


Less machine stillstand time and less production costs
  • Reduced set-up times due to no need to change tool
  • Optimized production processes through automatic profile change within seconds


Increased product versatility within one process cycle
  • Higher productivity with different edge materials / thicknesses and small batch sizes
profile cutter:
Super-fast profile change
in the edge finishing!


flexTrim3 profile cutter