Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Duo-Multi-Profile scraper


Two knives sharing the work for a perfect edge

Advantages at a glance

  • Perfect edges with a high gloss level
  • Colour fast without stress whitening
  • Multi-purpose tool suitable for all conventional edge banding materials

Duo-Multiprofilziehklinge Perfect edge quality
  • Pre cutting edge designed to create a defined edge protrusion
  • Optimum finish quality with finishing knife
Process optimisation
  • Simplified adjustment of the Duo-Multi-Profile scraper for maximum process security
  • Multi-purpose suitable for all conventional edge banding materials such as PP, PMMA and ABS

Starting situation

Plastic edges tend to “creasing“ and have a matt finish when machined by scrapers. Colour fastness can be a problem for dark PP- and PMMA edge bandings.

The solution: Processing with Leitz Duo-Multi-Profile scraper
Colour fast and high-gloss polished laser edges on lacquered high-gloss panels.


Finish mit Standard Ziehklingen
Finish with standard scrapers
Finish mit Leitz Duo-Multiprofilziehklinge
Finish with Leitz Duo-Multi-Profile scraper