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DryCut - sawblades

DryCit sawblades - quality from first cut to last cut

Quality from the first cut to the last

Advantages at a glance

  • Sawing of steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and compound materials without cooling and nearly spark-free
  • Significantly longer performance times compared to conventional HS circular sawblades
  • Resharpenable up to 8 times

Tooth shape of the  DryCut sawblade from Leitz Leitz DryCut sawblades are superstars in dry and metal construction as well as carpentry. These blades offer optimal performance in all materials and show remarkable strength in cut quality throughout the product lifetime.
We have designed special circular sawblades for applications on mobile crosscut saws and portable saws. These resharpenable blades are named DryCut and cut steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and compound materials without cooling—nearly spark-free.

Even sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets are no challenge for DryCut circular saw blades, yielding exceptional cutting results. Test runs in Leitz development centers as well as customer facilities, reveal even more: consistent cut quality throughout the lifetime of the blade. This is due to the soldering technology used in Leitz production, a special tungsten carbide quality and strict quality control.

Leitz DryCut circular sawblades are available in diameters of 160, 165, 190, 210 and 225 mm for portable saws and 254 and 355 mm for mobile crosscut saws. They can be used on Jepson, Bosch, Metabo, Mafell, Festool, Makita and Milwaukee machinery as well as many other well-known brands. All diameters of DryCut circular sawblades are available from stock.


Cutting width
Bore size
No. of teeth
 160  1,6 20  48
 165  1,6 20  48
 190  1,8 30  54
 210  1,8 30  60
 225  2,2 30  64
 254  2,2  30  72
 355 2,4 25,4  80