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Diamaster PLUS³ und PRO³

Diamaster PLUS³ and PRO³

Real-Z3: Higher productivity and a better cut quality


Until now the staggered arrangement of cutting edges restricts increased productivity and quality when sizing or grooving with Z3+3 routers. Feed speed cannot be increased or performance time extended. Both now things of the past.

Leitz’s new arrangement of the spiral cutting edges on the Diamaster PRO³ and Diamaster PLUS³ routers means the three cutting edges cover 100 % of the working length.

These new routers are ideal for all conventional panel materials, thicknesses and different surface coating. The difficult adjustment and alignment of the tool to the workpiece is eliminated as these routers machine different material thicknesses without adjustment.


Real-Z3 technology allows “gapless” cutting when sizing at up to 50 % higher feed speeds plus a consistent machining quality. These routers produce tear free edges to top and bottom edges. Costly rework and rejects are reduced. A quantum leap in quality and productivity on CNC routers and machining centres.

The optimised chip pockets clear the dust and chips efficiently from the machined area. So: less dust particles on the workpiece surface e.g. chipboard, and reduced wear to the cutting edges.

Higher efficiency

Diamaster Plus3 diagram

Real-Z3 in detail:

Real Z3 in detail Conventional diamond router Z3+3

The arrangement of the cutter edge gaps creates areas where not all the cutting edges work. Consequently reduced quality, feed speed and performance.

Real-Z3 diamond router Diamaster PRO³ and PLUS³

At least three cutting edges are always processing across the complete working length to guarantee maximum performance.

Continuous Z3 over the total working length


Diamaster PRO³ Z3+3

High performance routers for sizing and grooving, e.g. Nesting at high feed speeds.

  • up to 30 % higher performance time and feed speeds compared to all current designs.
  • feed speeds up to 30 m/min when processing chipboard, up to 35 m/min when maschining MDF.
  • resharpenable up to 3 times.
  • new design of diamond plunging tip.
  • quiet running from high strength body material.
  • diameter range from 12 to 16 mm.
Diamaster PRO³ – the 1st choice when sizing on Nesting and single batch machines.
  Diamaster PLUS³ Z3+3

High volume / high performance routers for maximum efficiency in industrial applications for pre and finish cutting.

  • up to 50 % higher performance time and feed speeds compared to all current designs.
  • resharpenable up to 12 times.
  • new design of diamond plunging tip.
  • diameter range from 16 to 20 mm.

The DFC® - Dust Flow Control with active chip control – Diamaster PLUS³ saves the costly time cleaning between the cutting and gluing steps on CNC machining centres fitted with edge banding aggregates.

Diamaster PLUS³ ideal for sizing on machining centres with laser edge technology as it produces perfect cut surfaces ready for edging.

Diamaster PLUS³ has been proven to have technical and economical superiority in critical tests with the leading machining centre manufacturers.

Das diamond router program

Diamaster PRO Z1+1 Entry level for trade and small companies
Useful tool for all size of company
Diamaster PRO Z2+2 Low cost access to the next performance level
Optimum price:performance ratio
Diamaster PRO³ Z3+3 - Nesting High performance tool for Nesting applications
Real-Z3 giving continuous cut quality
Diamaster PLUS Z1+1 The robust recommended choice for composite materials
Ideal for many non-wood applications
Diamaster QUATTRO Z2+2 Entry tool for industrial applications
Ideal for both pre and finish cutting
Diamaster PLUS Z3+3 The standard for industrial users with high requirements
High feed speeds plus good machined quality
Diamaster PLUS³ Z3+3 The choice for industrial pre and finish cutting
Real-Z3 for continuous cut quality and maximum performance