Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Diamaster-Compact hogger DT PLUS

Your PLUS in efficiency when panel processing

Advantages at a glance

  • Increased efficiency as a constant cutting width with an increased resharpening area
  • Innovative cutting geometry reduces noise levels by up to 3 dB(A)
  • Trouble-free chip clearance plus excellent chip collection with Leitz DFC®-technology

Greater efficiency
  • Constant cutting width over the hogger´s total life cycle
  • Resharpenable up to 12 times
Higher quality
  • Division of cut across roughing- and finishing edges
  • Low vibration solid hogger body design
  • Efficient chip collection by DFC®-technology
Noise reduction of 3 dB(A)
  • Noise and vibration reducing tool geometries
  • Irregular pitched teeth

Individually tailored cutting geometry creates more flexibility

Processing the panel, its coating and its edge material correctly demands a hogger cutting geometry specifically adjusted to meet the customers´ requirements.

The Diamaster-Compact hogger DT PLUS guarantees excellent cut results for all materials and surfaces, from chipboard to honeycomb, from veneers to melamines - plain, textured or matt.

The Diamaster-Compact hogger DT PLUS meets the demands made by the new trends on the processes