Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Manual feed

The Leitz programme comprises tools with cutters made of steel, carbide and diamond for the most widely available machines for grooving, jointing, rebating and profiling. In particular the Leitz profiling tooling systems set the standard for economy, processing quality, set-up time minimisation and safety for every quantity to be processed.

The standard programme comprises:

  • Grovving cutters
  • Bevelling- and rebating tools
  • Universal profile cutterheads for longitudial, mitre and glue joints, profiles, multi-purpose profiles, panel raising profiles
  • Tooling systems for manufacturing furnitures, doors and windows
  • Tooling systems on customers request
  • Solid metal and tipped cutters
  • serrated back cutterheads
  • ProFix cutterheads
  • ProfilCut cutterheads
  • VariForm cutterheads