Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics


Because of its flexibility and quality, the complete processing of workpieces in one set-up has attained increasing importance in the woodworking and furniture industry over the last 15 years. This is why this is currently the fastest-growing segment of the Leitz tooling programme. With true-running accuracy and balance quality as well as precision clamping systems, Leitz is also setting the standard for economy, quality and quiet running at high spindle speeds as well.

The standard programme comprises:

  • Shank tools for sizing and grooving
  • Tools for bevelling and rebating
  • Multi-purpose profile routers for
    • glue-joint connections
    • interior construction profiles also
    • universal profiles and for
    • portable routers
  • Tool systems with profiles on customers request
    • shank cutters
    • VariForm shank cutterheads
    • ProFix shank cutterheads
    • ProfilCut cutterheads
    • serrated back cutterhead systems