Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Planing and profiling

Leitz long cutterheads and planerheads guarantee perfect surface quality at maximum efficiency. The range of profile tooling for cutting tongue- and groove profiles on wall-, ceiling- or floor panels as well as for cutting maximum compact finger jointing profiles offers excellent solutions for all application areas.

The standard programme comprises:

  • Surface planing and thicknessing tools
  • Planerheads for pre-, finish planing or for combination for planing and profiling on four-sided moulders
  • Planerheads for high performance moulders
  • Cutting tools for tongue and groove joints
  • Cutterheads for multi-purpose profiling
  • Tools for finger joints and glue joints
  • High-performance minifinger cutters
  • Pre-scorers and hoggers for pre-scoring and sizing minifinger joints