Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Construction element fabrication

Windows, doors, flooring, stair, wall and ceiling panelling as well as mouldings of every description.

The product programme ranges from standard profiling systems such as the back-serrated cutterheads with knives made of tool steel, high-alloy steel, high-speed tool steel with and without Marathon coating or carbide steel and the simple and flexible profile cutterhead systems such as VariForm to the ProfilCut and ProFix high performance profiling systems. This makes a large selection available which can be optimised according to your requirements, processing quality and costs, depending on the quantity of materials to be processed. These profile cutter systems are of course deliverable with resharpenable knives for improved economy and protecting valuable resources. Especially for manufacturing laminate and parquet flooring, Leitz supplies cutters that are coated in diamond cutting materials such as PCD, CVD or MCD to achieve high processing quality and long edge life and thereby minimise set-up costs.

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