Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Furniture production

Solid wood furniture making and sheet goods furniture making on continuous pass systems and processing centres, interior door manufacturing.

From handcrafted furniture making to the large factories of the furniture industry, Leitz tools are indispensable for quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. In sawblades, the vibration-damping Leitz OptiCut AS sheet, OptiCut UT and OptiCut, in particular, set the standards for high cutting quality and low noise emissions. The Diamaster DT advanced compact hogger programme demonstrates that it is also possible to produce first-class level narrow surfaces in the more difficult to process particle boards and receding thickness board materials with high productivity and reliability. The Diamaster Pro jointing cutters (which can be resharpened many times) for single-sided edge-banding machines were optimised in cooperation with the machine manufacturers for efficiency and low noise emissions and can be found as original equipment on numerous European edge-banding machines. Leitz also collaborated closely with the machine manufacturers to develop and optimise tools for profiling edges. This ensures optimum edge quality, precise synchronisation with the machine interfaces and perfect chip collection in machines that are appropriately set up. Depending on the processing task, Leitz profile cutter systems are custom-fabricated to meet the customer's requirements for the material and quantity to be profiled. Leitz endmills for trimming and profiling are distinguished by their true-running accuracy and balance quality for the best machining quality, efficiency and spindle life. Leitz high performance solid carbide dowel, through-hole, and Forstner drills permit highly productive and economical repetition drilling and perfect visible drill holes. The well-priced standard drills are the economical solution for drilling tasks in craftsman's work and for construction drilling.

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