Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Tool logistics

The right tool, in the right quantity and quality at the right time at the right place – an expense that you must take in stride to secure your supply and to keep your production going. These non-valued added activities cause substantial expense and tie up costly resources that could be more efficiently applied elsewhere.

Leitz has international experience in the area of tool supply and offers you this service in a system that is precisely tailored to your needs. Whether it's kanban systems, consignment storage or complete care – our specialists will work with you to develop concepts that precisely meet your requirements.

In close collaboration with you, Leitz will conduct a study of your current processes, determine the need as well as the type and quantity of tools. From these data the Leitz experts will prepare a technically and economically logical logistics concept that is exactly tailored to your needs, which – if you so desire – will also include the equipment for the storage systems, the form of management and the access authorisations.

The advantages you will gain from this system are clearly measurable in euros:
  • Reduction in inventory.
  • Certain availability.
  • Use of the optimum tool for your processing.
  • No downtime due to missing tools.
  • Compensation based on tools actually used.