Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics
Messer und Ersatzteile

Knives and spare parts

The quality and long performance time of Leitz tooling are legend. Nevertheless, from time to time the knives must be replaced and occasionally or after damage other wearing parts as well. Leitz guarantees the knives and spare parts supply for a minimum of 10 years after the product has been discontinued from series production.

The standard programme comprises:

  • Knives and blanks
    • Turnblades
    • Planing knives
    • Finger joint knives
    • Back-serrated blanks
    • Micro-serrated blanks and backing plates
    • Profile knives
    • Scoring knives
    • Grooving and profilíng knives
    • Edge rounding knives
    • Knives for portable planers
    • VariForm knives
  • Spare and clamping parts
  • Spacers
  • Ball bearings and guide rings
  • Keys and allen keys
  • Setting and mounting devices
  • Jointing stones